Saturday, 8 April 2017

Environmental practical on Respirable dust sampler envirotech APM 460BL

Respirable dust sampler envirotech APM 460BL
The APM 460 sampler uses an improved cyclone with sharper cut off (D50 at 10 microns) to separate the coarser particulates from the air stream before filtering it on the glass microfibre filter. By using the APM 460, measurement of Respirable Particulate Matter can be done accurately and TSPM can also be assessed by collection of dust retained in the cyclone cup.
The particulate matter emitted into the atmosphere from various source is one of the air pollution. It is collected through the filter paper with the help of vacuum cleaner type motion fitted on high volume sampler. Stock’s low offers the basic approach to collection by this technique.
Special features:
  •     Brush-less blower reduces equipment downtime and maintenance effort.
  •         Provision of light for flow and time reading during night.
  •        Toolbox within the instrument.
  •         Lockable casters, top cover and gaseous attachment.
  •     Improved cabinet design which is more sturdy and durable with SS hardware.
  •          Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to TVs totally eliminated.

  1.  Check the filter paper for irregularities.
  2. Pat the no. & dissociate the filter paper for 24 hrs
  3. Weight the paper up to 1 mg accuracy without folding. Record the weight & number of filter paper as w1.
  4.  Open the roof of HVS, loosen the wing nuts & put the filter paper below the faceplate.
  5. Fasten the wing nuts & close the shelters roof.
  6.  Set the on-off timer to start sampling for prescribed time, recording the initial time.
  7. Maintain the required initial flow rate with the help of flow control device.
  8. After 5 minutes record the initial flow rate’ At the end of sampling period, record thee length of sampling period, flow rate (final).
  9.  Remove the face-plate and filter paper do not touch the collected surface of paper.
  10. Fold the paper lengthwise & place in folder.
  11. Weight the filter paper as w2.
  12.  Field data be collected by metrological observation.



As per the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) the standard specified concentration of SPM is known in Hg/m³.

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